Running Tips

In this group, we’re always striving to become better runners. Here are a few running tips that we have found to be helpful.

1. Do muscle strengthening workouts

Running is easier when your body is stronger. That’s just a fact. Keeping your core and upper body toned is just as important as your legs and your lower body.

2. Stay hydrated

This is incredibly important. I’ve seen runners pass out from dehydration.

3. Always stretch before and after running

It’s important that you loosen up your muscles before and after a run. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

4. Stick to a running routine

We only meet every other Saturday, but we all encourage each other on our daily running routines. Once you’ve found a routine, you need to stick to it.

5. Eat foods high in protein

Eat foods that are going to be satisfying and high in protein. Beans and eggs are great sources of protein.

6. When it’s cold, wear layers

You want to be able to take off clothes or put on clothes as needed when it’s cold outside, but you get warm from running. Your body’s temperature will be in constant flux.

7. Have multiple running partners

If you have multiple running partners, you won’t be tempted not to run if one of them can’t make it. That’s why we started this group.

8. Rest up before a big event

Try to stay off your feet and give yourself some time to take it easy before a race or a big event.

9. Get good running shoes

You want to get running shoes that are good for your feet, and you want to know when they start to run out. Typically, a good running shoe will last between 300 and 600 miles.

10. Focus more on being smooth than fast

If you come out of the gate trying to be as fast as you can, you won’t be able to sustain that. If you focus on running smooth, soon enough you will be running fast without even realizing it.