The Top 5 Running Shoes

There are numerous brands of running shoes flooding the market today. Runners ought to know what to go for especially because not all shoes are created equal. To be on the safe side, a runner needs to consider some salient factors before settling on a pair, including durability, comfort, affordability, personal style, and finishing. With that in mind, here are the top five shoe brands that are specially designed for running enthusiasts.

1. The Salomon Speedcross 4 Running Shoes

These shoes are perfect for any trail characterized by mud, dirt, gravel, snow, and their ilk. Owing to the shoe’s lug patterned sole, the runners are guaranteed protection from injuries that they’d otherwise sustain from running on slippery surfaces. The shoelaces are designed in such a way that when fastened, they end up feeling like a second layer of skin on the runner’s shoes.

2. The Saucony Triumph ISO 3 Running Shoes

Apart from their plausibly beautiful designs and color coordination, the one other property that makes Saucony Running Shoes stand out is their unmatched level of comfort. Such coziness is attributable to the ISOFIT structure technology, which is recognized to add a layer of fluidity to these shoes. This feature allows the runners to endure their drill for miles devoid of extreme exhaustion. The Triumph ISO 3 Version also comes with a much wider surface area, which automatically translates to the runner enjoying a tad bit more stability. Besides, the WVERUN soles fitted in each pair of running shoe play a critical role in shock reduction.

3. The Brooks Glycerin 15 Running Shoes

These running shoes come with padded outsoles, which coupled with their signature DNA insoles result in maximum comfort. On top of that, the manufacturers have also incorporated the IDEAL technology to ensure that the runner experiences little to no shock during their daily runs.

4. The Adidas Adizero Adios 3 Running Shoes

This version of the Adidas running shoes is specifically designed for runners looking to improve on their speed. To achieve this, the manufacturers utilize the STRETCHWEB technology, which allows much flexibility around the runner’s foot. This will not only make running more comfortable for the wearer, but it will also protect them from injury. The Adidas Adizero Adios 3’s outsole, which is comprised of rubber, renders this pair perfect for running safely over slippery ground.

5. The Arc’teryx Norvan VT Running Shoes

The Arc’teryx Norvan VT’s impeccable design makes them not only perfect for running but for scrambling as well. In addition to their soft cushioned interior, their exterior is intricately crafted from a durable and breathable material, which adds to the shoe’s overall comfortability.

As hinted earlier, there are different things to consider when looking for the perfect running shoes. Some critical qualities to keep in mind include comfort, lightweight, durability, and breathability to mention a few. It, therefore, goes without saying that any aspiring or seasoned runner should purchase any of the above-listed brands. If not, then finding brands that have identical attributes is highly recommended.